Eric Snider's Blackjack

Eric Snider's Blackjack 1.0

Realistic casino fun


  • Fast
  • Pretend money


  • Dealer is too good

Very good

If like me you used to think the best thing about going to a casino was the free sandwiches and the cold coffee then perhaps it's time you sharpened up your skills at Blackjack. Anyway I believe the best way to gamble is with pretend money, that way no-one gets hurt and the fun is almost the same. Winning a pretend $100 is so nearly the same as pocketing hard cash. In this Blackjack game the action is just as fast and just as frustrating as at any green table.

Choose the amount to bet, then hit, stand or double, while staying under or exactly on 21. The dealer is ruthless so be careful. Any mistake and you are going to lose some serious pretend money. My only real reservation was that the dealer was so good he left me $1000 in the red before I'd had time to enjoy myself. Still a few more goes and I'm sure I'll get it all back. Isn't that the way it works?

Eric Snider's Blackjack™ for Palm OS features high-resolution graphics, subtle sound effects, detailed statistics and a simple-to-use interface. Plays like in a casino but includes help and tips to teach you how to play. Smooth animation and stunning graphics make the game a joy to play.


  • Includes wide and tall-screen support for your Tungsten T3, T5, Tapwave Zodiac, Sony Clie UX-50 etc
  • Play with the 5-way controller on your Treo!
  • 16-bit graphics and animation
  • Play with 1 to 8 decks of cards
  • Track your wins, losses and more with detailed statistics
  • Change your preferences to make the game play and feel the way you like
  • Subtle sound effects
  • And more!

Eric Snider's Blackjack


Eric Snider's Blackjack 1.0

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